Problem with setting-up Julia enviaroment


I just tried to set-up Julia/Jupyter enviaroment following initial course instruction, but I have encontered following problem: Jupyter printed following warning message (screen attached): ┌ Warning: On Windows, creating file symlinks requires Administrator privileges
└ @ Base.Filesystem file.jl:789

Process started, but instead of in course instructions mentioned 10-15 minutes, it runs more than hour without any resoult. Can anybody please give me a hint, how to proceed?

Kind Regards
Jan Žemlička

Edit: Actually, I have a hunch for what’s causing this.

The name C:\Julia, Matlab, R is probably failing parsing. We tried to rely on Julia’s filesystem support as much as possible, but I think this name breaks an assumption.

Here’s what you should do to test this:

  1. Print the results of versioninfo() to your screen, so we can see your hardware/Julia environment (you should always do this while checking bugs).

  2. In Julia, run DEPOT_PATH[1] and go to that directory. If there are packages there under packages/, and if there are compiled objects there under compiled/, then this is working as expected. But I suspect there won’t be.

  3. Optional: For good measure, try running this command from a more standard directory name (i.e., one without spaces or commas). If it works, then we can be confident this is the issue.

  4. Do a fresh install of Julia by deleting your user depot at DEPOT_PATH[1] and the Julia install objects (i.e., a few levels up from what you see when you run Sys.BINDIR in Julia).

  5. Download the latest InstantiateFromURL.jl by running add InstantiateFromURL#master in your package manager (i.e., what you find by hitting ]).

  6. Run the same command in the same directory, and see if it’s now successful.

Thank you very much!
I was able to solve issue by running jupyter/julia from command prompt as admin, now whole thing works!

Kind Regards
Jan Žemlička

OK, perfect @Honza9723. Glad to see there’s no error. Will make a note of this in the instructions.