Are there any Jupyter notebooks for Julia intro lecture slides?

I understand that the rst source for the lecture notes is not accessible in github (as per Where to post issues for the lecture notes and website? ).

However, it would be extremely useful to have some of the source-code for the lectures pre-packaged into a Jupyter notebook. In particular, we want to run a and/or and run through them in class using Jupyter. This wouldn’t need to have all (or any?) of the text in it, but would make it much easier than copy/paste in class from html into jupyter.

Has anyone created these sorts of notebooks? If not, then is there any way you could make the output of the Jupinx available (which I think is kind of doing this, from what I can tell).

hi @jlperla. thanks for your feedback. This should be available in the next couple of weeks (hopefully sooner - as this is a high priority for us). We are currently working on adding download links to jupyter notebooks that contain all of the code blocks for each lecture (exactly as described above).

Perfect, thanks. send me an message if I can help out with a test-run of some of them.

Sure. That would be great. I will be in touch soon.

Hey @jlperla. Jupyter notebooks (containing the code for each lecture) are now live and available on the lecture site as a download link. Please let me know if you spot any errors. Thanks!


Thanks so much, this is a great feature and seems to work well. I will submit issues if we find any problems.