How to get Julia work for the first time?

This is a repost from julialang, upon request by @jlperla.

I am trying to learn Julia by following steps in :

I followed the basic command for Plots, but got an error message. I searched for that message, and followed suggested solution. However, I still get an error:

Thanks! @arnavs let’s verify that things work on Julia 1.3 with the latest packages, and then maybe prepare to bump a package version? The change in the 7zip makes the packages incompatible between 1.2 and 1.3 I believe.

Sounds good @jlperla

There was another user who had an issue with GR. I suspect it’s because they’re using Julia 1.3.

@DShiu, I will take care of this either later today or tomorrow, if that timeline works for you.

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@DShiu We have updated the HTML and Jupyter notebooks repo. If you clone the quantecon-notebooks-julia repository again, and then follow the setup instructions at this link. We’ve also updated the InstantiateFromURL package to add a new option instantiate = true, so perhaps grab the latest version of that as well (] up inside your Julia REPL.)

  • Edit: You can also fetch the latest instead of cloning, using your GitHub Desktop.

  • Edit 2: Probably best to run ] up InstantiateFromURL (in your main environment) first, and then uncomment the commented line in the notebook headers (e.g., the one with instantiate = true).