Updating Cheatsheets?

Is it time to start updating https://cheatsheets.quantecon.org/?
It might be worth comparing Python’s class w/ Julia’s struct.

Python’s class:

class Person:
  def __init__(self, name, age):
    self.name = name
    self.age = age

p1 = Person("John", 36)

Julia’s struct

struct Person
p1 = Person("John",36)

Likewise, it would make a lot of sense to include some Cheatsheet material comparing ways to work w/ random variables across Matlab/Python/Julia.
I started this here: https://github.com/azev77/QuantEcon.cheatsheet/blob/master/stats-cheatsheet.rst

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Hi @azev77, thanks for the suggestion. Sounds like a good idea.

If you’re willing to put some PRs together then we’d love to have your help – and credit you, if we can.

(And if there’s a way to make these cheat sheets easier to maintain then please let us know your ideas.)

I like the stats comparisons.

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when I made the stats comparison, I actually forked the QuantEcon repo QuantEcon.cheatsheet but I found making the cheatsheet a royal pain, I don’t know how to make a pretty comparison table like this one.

I’m more than happy to provide material to fill in the tables, I just don’t know how to program the tables

Yeah, I was thinking that might be the case. If so, it’s hard to contribute to and we should change the format to something simpler. We want it to be easy to maintain and make PRs to. Maybe just a table in GitHub? @mamckay or @drdrij , any thoughts on this?

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hey @john.stachurski and @azev77 – it is a pain to write rst tables. We have used vscode extensions to make life a little less painful (https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=shuworks.vscode-table-formatter) has been a good one. It allows you to add a line and then autoformat the rest.

@john.stachurski – nice idea, The github table however is just markdown so would have similar issues with writing (particularly via github interface). There is a lot of metadata / syntax highlight blocks which makes these tables hard to specify in markup. There are alternative list type table formats which may be easier to edit that we could look at switching to.

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