Should we recommend Julia or JuliaPro


In our Julia set up page on the QuantEcon lecture site we currently recommend installing Julia and then individual packages. Should we now be recommending JuliaPro instead? It looks pretty slick now. Is it typically up to date? What are people’s experiences like?

@Shunsuke-Hori @spencer.lyon @cc7768 @ChrisRackauckas and others, all thoughts appreciated.


JuliaPro has upgrading issues. I wouldn’t recommend it until those are worked out. Though it does do a pretty good job for what it is. Probably in a few months it’ll be the “goto newbie install”. But the real recommendation should be the generic binaries, Pkg.add, and add whatever IDE you want.



I agree with what @ChrisRackauckas said here.

I think that once JuliaPro is firmly on Julia version 0.6.0 we can consider recommending it.

Until then I’d stick with downloading a binary and adding desired packages.


I wouldn’t even say 0.6. Even early 1.0 might be too early. It dirties the git repos so Pkg.update() does work well for the built-in packages. While everything is in flux building toward 1.0 I think that’s not the best way to be working unless you absolutely need stability (instead of bugfixes!). After 1.0 and when the main packages “calm down” on their major features a bit (probably a month or so after 1.0), then it’ll be a really great product.