Where to post issues for the lecture notes and website?

I noticed that the PDF export of lecture notes is currently broken (see https://lectures.quantecon.org/_static/pdfs/QuantEconlectures-julia.pdf ) I posted an issue at https://github.com/QuantEcon/QuantEcon.jl/issues/197, but just realized that probably is not the correct place.

Where should issues be posted on the lectures, lecture code, etc.? I found a repository for lecture code (https://github.com/QuantEcon/QuantEcon.lectures.code)

Hi @jlperla, this is the right spot for issues related to the lectures.

We don’t have a github repo for the lectures themselves, so there’s no issue tracker.

Incidentally, this is something I’ve thought about a fair bit: basically I don’t want to open source the source files of the lectures in the same way I don’t want to open source the tex files for my research papers. There’s some social benefit to opening everything but there’s also downside risk in the sense that people can modify something with my name on it.

That means quality control becomes essentially impossible.

Contrast this with open sourcing code, which is nearly always optimal: We don’t put our names at the top of code files that we open source precisely because it can be freely modified.

I completely understand not wanting to open-source the textbook content. Instead of sending in PRs, people can just email or post up the typos they would find.

The only benefit for having portions of the source available would be that it makes things a little easier for people to generate slides based on the content, but the downside risk probably outweighs the value.