Using Lecture materials in the classroom

First of all, I just want to say this is an amazing collection of materials AND infrastructure for organizing them. Great work!

I was wondering, how are these materials currently designed to be used? Are them primarily meant for self-guided study by a learner or do you use them in the classroom? Are they meant to be presented by an instructor and stepped through as notebooks or slides or other?

I’m interested in hearing more about how you all are intending these materials to be used or are currently using them at a really practical level in the classroom.


Thanks for the kind words @mcburton. There should be a few more fun lectures coming out this year.

If I teach a large or relatively formal course on this material I still usually write my own slides. See, for example,

Then it’s easier to customize to the students.

If I’m guest lecturing or taking a short course then I’ll teach directly from the html. Students can download the notebooks and run them as you go.

I guess we just write lectures hoping they will be interesting and then people are free to use them as they please.

Tom Sargent and I are planning to release a textbook in the next year or so that can be used as a complement, but the content will focus on theory rather than computation.

Regards, John.