SQL mentioned in Storage Formats lecture in Datascience section


There you said contact us for more information.

My request is, can you do the dedicated lecture on that as well?

Another point is in storage formats when I create df2. The MB of df2 was about 10MB, but when I checked it through windows it said 24 MB.


Yes – A SQL lecture (or sequence of lectures) is certainly on our TODO list. It still helps when people express that this is something they’re interested in because it may move it in our priority list.

We are teaching a version of this material and, if things go according to our current plan, we would potentially have a SQL lecture sometime in the next 3-4 months. I wish it could be sooner but our collective bandwidth is low right now.

We’ll have to look into the size of the df2 – We may have changed what is in it which made it a different size.


Thanks very much for you reply and proposal to do SQL lecture(s). Then I was wrong to think that SQL is not necessary as you did not include it in the first place.