Expected time requirements to complete Quant econ lectures in Python


Apologies for potential /likely repetition of the question.

I would like to know what are the expected time requirements to complete the three quant econ lectures in Python, namely (1) A First Course in Quantitative Economics with Python, (2) Intermediate Quantitative Economics with Python, and (3) Advanced Quantitative Economics with Python, respectively.

I am pretty comfortable with programming and Python. My main motivation is to absorb as much quantitative economics as possible given my particular time constraints. So, I would much appreciate a statement such as “Given the provided information, course A will typically take between q and p hours in total.”

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

Hi @chbloe, thanks for posting – this is a great question.

The (1) A First Course in Quantitative Economics with Python is a collection of topics that is probably best suited across two Semester based courses and targeted towards Undergraduate students. We also have the (2) Python Programming for Economists Lectures (Python Programming for Economics and Finance — Python Programming for Economics and Finance) to assist with the development of programming skills focused on the Python programming language.

The other Lecture series are a large collection of topics that you can “pick and choose”. The Intermediate series currently has 81 lectures across a broad set of topics, and the Advanced lectures includes 47 topics targeting post graduate students. Some of the topics (particularly in the advanced lectures) covered are difficult and take extensive background knowledge. The time taken to complete these would vary based on your background knowledge and overall initial conditions.

FYI - we are in the process of re-organising these lectures into new, more topic focused collections that are soon to be released. The old links will still work but you may notice a few new series coming together such as (stats.quantecon.org) which focus on the Statistics for Economists. These are in final release planning and will be launched soon.

Hi @mamckay, thanks a lot for your response. That’s very useful to know.

For the re-organising of the lectures, will you provide something akin to a topic dependency tree or a topic prerequisite tree so that it is clear which topics should be have been covered before starting a specific topic ?

Thanks again!

Thanks @chbloe. It is great for us to get this feedback.

A dependency tree is something we have been thinking about quite a bit and would love to organise one in the medium term. We may be able to introduce side-notes soon in an effort to put more linking type information in between lectures. As you read the lectures – we would welcome any feedback and ideas you have.

There is also a current technology gap in our publishing software chain to enable something like this easily at the moment (as we are a small team – a certain degree of automation is key to helping us deliver these lectures) but it is something we would love to explore in the future.