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I’m a teaching assistant at School of Economics and Management, Harbin Institute of Technology(Weihai Campus). Both with my professor, we are devoted in an undergraduate course called Financial Time Series Analysis. We are interested in this project, and plan to teach something new for our undergraduate students, based on this notebook.

In our class, we will discuss basic concepts about econometrics, ARMA, GARCH, VAR, and then we will help students to study and use Python. At the same time, our practice course and notebook will be recorded and posted on the Internet. Of course, we will announce the original resource and take responsibility for the possible change(if allowed).

We wonder may we take it as a reference book and carry out teaching activities based on this project, and what rules do we need to follow and what kinds of behaviours are NOT allowed.

Hoping for your reply.

Sun Jiali
School of Economics and Management,
Harbin Institute of Technology(Weihai Campus)

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Hi @Akyuu1997, thanks for your interest and kind email.

You are welcome to use the lectures and to modify them as you like (as long as you give some attribution to the original, as you already said).

All of the details regarding what you are allowed to do are here:

Your course sounds like it will be very valuable. Feel free to ask more questions and please let us know about your progress!

Regards, John.

Dear Prof
Thank you very much!
I will try my best to share your ideas.
Much Pleasure.