Looking for useful webapps for researchers

Hi everybody,

I am trying to come up with a complete list of web applications that are useful for research or teaching. I’m sure people on this list have heard about and/or used plenty of them and I’m eager to hear any feedback they might have about it.
In particular, have you used them to collaborate with coauthors ? Are there solutions worth paying for (subjective assessment allowed…) ? Is it already realistic to fully work from the cloud ?



Here are a few propositions to start with:

##computational platforms

##paper management

##latex edititing

##document edition



##source control

##file storage/sharing

Hi Pablo,

This is a neat list.
I have a few additional ones to add to your list of resources.

Notebook Sharing

  1. http://mybinder.org/
    This is useful for creating a temporary live/executable version of a repo that contains notebooks.

Q/A sites


Link Catalogs

  1. http://connectedresearchers.com/online-tools-for-researchers/
    This list is probably a bit too liberal on the inclusion side of things - but it provides links to a lot of different resources

  2. http://www.nature.com/news/scientific-writing-the-online-cooperative-1.16039
    Provides a discussion on a number of cloud “writing” options.

  3. http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/impactofsocialsciences/2014/04/04/five-collaborative-writing-tools-for-academics/
    Good comparison of collaborative writing tools.

Some projects that aren’t solely web based but might be relevant to this list.

file storage/sharing

dat Project (http://dat-data.com/)
Syncthing (https://syncthing.net/)

Thank you Matt, these are super-useful.

I didn’t know binder, but it’s really excellent.

Syncthing and and dat also seem pretty powerful. Have you tried them ? Can you explain what does dat actually do ?



Hi Pablo,

I have used the mybinder service. It is really handy for launching a
live environment with minimal setup requirements. I have come across
one or two times when all 400 slots are used up and the site is "busy"
but that doesn’t seem to happen to often.

re: dat
I am trying to find some time to really dig into dat and see how it
works. I should do so in the coming weeks - so I will let you know how
I go.

I really like the goals of the project to make tabular data shareable
and version controlled. For applied work it would be really good to
have a git for data available.

I think I will focus on dat more than syncthing - but the syncthing
software is being employed on some open source NAS type servers.