Bookshelf is pretty darn cool

As you may know, I loved seeing Bookshelf while at JupyterCon and can’t wait to see it make its debut. I’d love to see the latest version of the <NotebookPreview /> component get used, as we support one more mimetype, largely supported by the vdom library.

I was talking to @natashawatkins and Lukas Geiger at the NumFocus Summit and thought it would be pretty cool if we could add in Bookshelf as one of the publishing options into the nteract desktop app.



Thanks @rgbkrk!

As an update @tlyon2 is currently hard at work doing some profiling as we are trying to figure out why the site doesn’t quite have the performance we would like, in particular for rendering larger notebook submissions etc. We are also currently working on adding in some admin tools. Once we have that figured out (i.e. server, connection, software etc.) we plan to work on launching the service ( to the economics community as soon as we can, which will give us some real world feedback.

nteract as a submission point sounds like a great idea. In fact, after the launch, our priority on the project will be to open source the forum code that has been written (as a project) along with a basic theme. We are currently looking at ways of making the forum support themes so that the look and feel can be customised and not all forums look the same. Once we setup the project repository I have noted to send you an update.

Thanks for checking out

Hey @rgbkrk, glad you like the project :grin:

Seconding @mamckay in saying that we’d love to have Bookshelf as one of the publishing options in your awesome nteract desktop app. We’ll try to help if we can.

Regarding open-sourcing the code, my own view is I want to make as much of it open as possible as fast as possible, without quite going to the stage where someone can make an exact clone with the same style and functionality with a few mouse clicks — or at least not until we’ve built a bit of a user base.

Once we have a user base I don’t mind if it’s entirely open, but I do want the people who worked hard on making it happen to get a bit of credit for their efforts. I hope that makes sense.

Anyway, we’d love to have your feedback and input along the way. There’s plenty that can be done with the platform when it’s up and running, and we’d love to share ideas and collaborate.

thanks for the awesome information.