GPU Based Computing - Quadro or Gaming Cards for Research?

Has anyone explored / have experience using GPU’s for running compute intensive tasks?

I am mainly wondering if high spec consumer grade video cards aimed at gaming can be easily integrated with cuda or if it’s worth looking into Quadro workstation cards. I am new to GPU computing and I know there are a lot of considerations to make for running GPU accelerated models, such as memory transfer etc. so I thought I would ask the broader community.

I am thinking of getting the NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti (11GB) as a cheaper way to explore GPU computing.

Quadro cards won’t give anything new for numerical work. Tesla will if you need double precision.

Thanks @ChrisRackauckas. Just on follow up the GTX 1080 Ti will compute using double precision floating point values but it is just a lot slower?

It will work, but it will be 32x slower than single precision.