Citing code: GitHub, RePEc and Zenodo

Author: Tom Holden

Dear all,

You may have previously seen these instructions on generating DOIs for code on GitHub, via Zenodo:

I’ve recently been in contact with the Zenodo guys, to see if they could write the code necessary for RePEc to harvest from them, which would give a smooth work flow from GitHub to RePEc. I received quite a positive response, however, for them to be prepared to do this, they need to be convinced that people would actually use the service, so they’d ideally like to see some action in the newly created “Economics” community on Zenodo. (Here: )

So, if you have any GitHub projects which have releases already, or other code you’re prepared to share, please upload it to Zenodo, either directly, or via the automated harvesting method detailed in the link above. Then, under “communities”, please add it to the “Economics” community.

Hopefully you agree that this would provide a pretty useful service. It could also of course be used for papers as well as code. For papers there are already other options of course (SSRN, MPRA, EconStor), but only the former of these provides a DOI, and only the last two are scraped by RePEc. So Zenodo could be useful here too.



That one looks extremely cool. It would be nice if the people who try it could share some feedback on it (I will…).