Analogue of BasisMatrices.jl for Python


The BasisMatrices.jl provides a basis matrix based on complete polynomial for monomials, splines, and Chebychev polynomials. Is there any comparable library for Python? This function approximation is extremely useful, among other things, for Euler-equation based methods.

I am aware the complete_poly library of by Spencer Lyon, Chase Coleman, and Pablo Winant, which gives used complete monomials for interpolation. The issue is that monomials are not orthogonal, and I am working in a current application which the degree of accuracy is not ideal. There is also support for splines, and perhaps that works reasonably well, but I do not see anything regarding Chebychev polynomials.

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@cc7768 says: “The only code I have for interpolation in Python is in the package that was referenced. I actually don’t think it would be a ton of work to add additional basis polynomials because of how @pablo.winant has structured things, but it hasn’t been done yet.”