Python Learning and Projects

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am a disciple of Economics and Finance. I have interest for programming. During my course, I have learned MATLAB. At present, I am learning Python because of its wide usability.

I am at very basic level, have done basic online courses on Python. However, I am not confident with my expertise regarding Python whilst I want to have mastery on the programming language. I need guidance regarding how to start with Python and step-by-step procedure to gain expertise on it.

Additionally, I believe hands on experience through projects would foster my learning. I am interested to work on financial or macroeconomic projects.

I would appreciate help from the forum and other members.

Kind regards,
Anidip Chatterjee

Hi @Anidip_Chatterjee,

It’s years since I’ve read a Python tutorial so I’m not sure what’s best to recommend. Perhaps consider one of these?

The introduction to Python here is quite slow and careful:

Good luck with your studies.