Growth Model: Dynamic System of Equations

Hello everyone!

I’m doing my master dissertation and my model includes 10 equations, 10 variables and 9 unknown parameters. I’m going to plot some of those variables and analyse their behavior over time. Might you help me how i can do this?

Thanks a lot.

For example, how may i code the following imaginary system in jupyter notebook?

X(t) = A(t)*Lx(t)*K(t)
M(t) = A(t)Lb(t)B(t)
Lx(t) + Lb(t) = 1
A(t) = A(t-1)
B(t) = psi
[M(t-1) + X(t-1)]
K(t) = (1-delta)*K(t-1)
M(t) = X(t)

Please help me!
It’s very crucial…