Synthetic Control Method - - - Python library?

I am assisting in research that employs Abadie’s “Synthetic Control Method” and haven’t been able to find an accessible Python library. A google search turns up a couple candidates:

but neither is available for installation through conda or pip. Is anyone aware of a library that provide SCM support through a curated repository?

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Hi @CBecker, I’m afraid I don’t know of any.

One possibility is to descend into R for this part of the analysis. There are various tools for interoperability between the two languages. I’m not sure if this is a good article but it might be a starting point:

This might also be worth looking into:


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It may be a late, but if it helps anyone else, the Sparse Synthetic Controls package can be installed with:

pip install git+

and docs can be found here

Thank you!

Julia has a Synthetic Control library as well: