IRF function in Dolo python

Hi everyone,
I am using dolo in python and can’t figure out one thing.
How do I incorporate a function in python to generate an impulse (e.g capital, labor or output?) with a period series?
Thank you!

Hi Yas, I think you might have better luck getting an answer by posting on the Dolo github: Hopefully Pablo (the maintainer) can get back to you.

Hi @Yas,

As far as I’m concerned you can indeed ask questions on github, or here. To generate an IRF with dolo you need to specify which exogenous shock you want to perturbate and its deviation to the steady-state. So for instance:
response(model, dr, 'e_z', 0.01)
will generate the response to a 0.01 deviation for the exogenous variable e_z given the solution dr computed for the model model. Did you try that ?